Tracks Of A Rolling Stone By Henry J. Coke

 -   This riled him 
bad, so wantin' to get quit of the blacksmith he began a 
quarrel.  The blacksmith was a - Page 260
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This Riled Him Bad, So Wantin' To Get Quit Of The Blacksmith He Began A Quarrel.

The blacksmith was a quick-tempered man, and after some language struck Jim in the mouth.

Jim jumps up, and whippin' out his revolver, shoots the t'other man dead on the spot. I was the first to lay hold on him, but ef it hadn't 'a' been for me they'd 'a' torn him to pieces.

'"Send for Judge Parker," says some.

'"Let's try him here," says others.

'"I don't want to be tried at all," says Jim. "You all know bloody well as I shot the man. And I knows bloody well as I'll hev to swing for it. Gi' me till daylight, and I'll die like a man."

'But we wasn't going to hang him without a proper trial; and as the trial lasted two hours, it - '

'Two hours! What did you want two hours for?'

'There was some as wanted to lynch him, and some as wanted him tried by the reg'lar judges of the Crim'nal Court. One of the best speakers said lynch-law was no law at all, and no innocent man's life was safe with it. So there was a lot of speakin', you bet. By the time it was over it was just daylight, and the majority voted as he should die at onc't. So they took him to the horse-market, and stood him on a table under the big elm. I kep' by his side, and when he was getting on the table he ast me to lend him my revolver to shoot the foreman of the jury.

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