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The only proof of any miracle is the interpretation the 
witness or witnesses put upon what they have seen.  
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The Only Proof Of Any Miracle Is The Interpretation The Witness Or Witnesses Put Upon What They Have Seen.

(Traditional miracles - miracles that others have been told, that others have seen - we need not trouble our heads about.) What that proof has been worth hitherto has been commented upon too often to need attention here.

Nor does the weakness of the evidence for miracles depend solely on the fact that it rests, in the first instance, on the senses, which may be deceived; or upon inference, which may be erroneous. It is not merely that the infallibility of human testimony discredits the miracles of the past. The impossibility that human knowledge, that science, can ever exhaust the possibilities of Nature, precludes the immediate reference to the Supernatural for all time. It is pure sophistry to argue, as do Canon Row and other defenders of miracles, that 'the laws of Nature are no more violated by the performance of a miracle than they are by the activities of a man.' If these arguments of the special pleaders had any force at all, it would simply amount to this: 'The activities of man' being a part of nature, we have no evidence of a supernatural being, which is the sole RAISON D'ETRE of miracle.

Yet thousands of men in these days who admit the force of these objections continue, in spite of them, to pray. Huxley, the foremost of 'agnostics,' speaks with the utmost respect of his friend Charles Kingsley's conviction from experience of the efficacy of prayer.

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