First Across The Continent The Story Of The Exploring Expedition Of Lewis And Clark In 1804/5/6 By Noah Brooks

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head, horns, and feet.  They are now so scarce as to - Page 40
First Across The Continent The Story Of The Exploring Expedition Of Lewis And Clark In 1804/5/6 By Noah Brooks - Page 40 of 362 - First - Home

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They Very Little Resemble Sheep, However, Except In Color, Head, Horns, And Feet.

They are now so scarce as to be almost extinct. They were among the discoveries of Lewis and Clark.

The prairie cock is known to western sportsmen as "prairie chicken;" it is a species of grouse.

It was now early in October, and the weather became very cool. So great is the elevation of those regions that, although the days might be oppressively warm, the nights were cold and white frosts were frequent. Crossing the Rocky Mountains at the South Pass, far south of Lewis and Clark's route, emigrants who suffered from intense heat during the middle of day found water in their pails frozen solid in the morning.

The Rickarees were very curious and inquisitive regarding the white men. But the journal adds: "The object which appeared to astonish the Indians most was Captain Clark's servant York, a remarkably stout, strong negro. They had never seen a being of that color, and therefore flocked round him to examine the extraordinary monster. By way of amusement, he told them that he had once been a wild animal, and been caught and tamed by his master; and to convince them, showed them feats of strength which, added to his looks, made him more terrible than we wished him to be."

"On October 10th," says the journal, "the weather was fine, and as we were desirous of assembling the whole nation at once, we despatched Mr. Gravelines (a trader) - who, with Mr. Tabeau, another French trader, had breakfasted with us - to invite the chiefs of the two upper villages to a conference. They all assembled at one o'clock, and after the usual ceremonies we addressed them in the same way in which we had already spoken to the Ottoes and Sioux.

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