The Adventures Of Captain Bonneville By Washington Irving

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pointed their guns at the boat, and threatened to fire; others
stripped, plunged into the stream, and came swimming - Page 360
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Some Pointed Their Guns At The Boat, And Threatened To Fire; Others Stripped, Plunged Into The Stream, And Came Swimming Across. Making A Virtue Of Necessity, Wyeth Threw A Cord To The First That Came Within Reach, As If He Wished To Be Drawn To The Shore.

In this way he was overhauled by every band, and by the time he and his people came out of the busy hands of the last, they were eased of most of their superfluities.

Nothing, in all probability, but the proximity of the American trading post, kept these land pirates from making a good prize of the bull boat and all its contents.

These bands were in full march, equipped for war, and evidently full of mischief. They were, in fact, the very bands that overran the land in the autumn of 1833; partly robbed Fitzpatrick of his horses and effects; hunted and harassed Captain Bonneville and his people; broke up their trapping campaigns, and, in a word, drove them all out of the Crow country. It has been suspected that they were set on to these pranks by some of the American Fur Company, anxious to defeat the plans of their rivals of the Rocky Mountain Company; for at this time, their competition was at its height, and the trade of the Crow country was a great object of rivalry. What makes this the more probable, is, that the Crows in their depredation seemed by no means bloodthirsty, but intent chiefly on robbing the parties of their traps and horses, thereby disabling them from prosecuting their hunting.

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