The Adventures Of Captain Bonneville By Washington Irving

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easy air, he threw the buck on the ground, and, without waiting - Page 310
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Advancing With An Alert Step, And Free And Easy Air, He Threw The Buck On The Ground, And, Without Waiting For An Invitation, Seated Himself At Their Mess, Helped Himself Without Ceremony, And Chatted To The Right And Left In The Liveliest And Most Unembarrassed Manner.

No adroit and veteran dinner hunter of a metropolis could have acquitted himself more knowingly.

The travellers were at first completely taken by surprise, and could not but admire the facility with which this ragged cosmopolite made himself at home among them. While they stared he went on, making the most of the good cheer upon which he had so fortunately alighted; and was soon elbow deep in "pot luck," and greased from the tip of his nose to the back of his ears.

As the company recovered from their surprise, they began to feel annoyed at this intrusion. Their uninvited guest, unlike the generality of his tribe, was somewhat dirty as well as ragged and they had no relish for such a messmate. Heaping up, therefore, an abundant portion of the "provant" upon a piece of bark, which served for a dish, they invited him to confine himself thereto, instead of foraging in the general mess.

He complied with the most accommodating spirit imaginable; and went on eating and chatting, and laughing and smearing himself, until his whole countenance shone with grease and good-humor. In the course of his repast, his attention was caught by the figure of the gastronome, who, as usual, was gorging himself in dogged silence.

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