The Adventures Of Captain Bonneville By Washington Irving

 -  The travellers were
next ushered to the banquet, where all the choicest viands that
the village could furnish, were served - Page 300
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The Travellers Were Next Ushered To The Banquet, Where All The Choicest Viands That The Village Could Furnish, Were Served Up In Rich Profusion.

They were afterwards entertained by feats of agility and horseraces; indeed, their visit to the village seemed the signal for complete festivity.

In the meantime, a skin lodge had been spread for their accommodation, their horses and baggage were taken care of, and wood and water supplied in abundance. At night, therefore, they retired to their quarters, to enjoy, as they supposed, the repose of which they stood in need. No such thing, however, was in store for them. A crowd of visitors awaited their appearance, all eager for a smoke and a talk. The pipe was immediately lighted, and constantly replenished and kept alive until the night was far advanced. As usual, the utmost eagerness was evinced by the guests to learn everything within the scope of their comprehension respecting the Americans, for whom they professed the most fraternal regard. The captain, in his replies, made use of familiar illustrations, calculated to strike their minds, and impress them with such an idea of the might of his nation, as would induce them to treat with kindness and respect all stragglers that might fall in their path. To their inquiries as to the numbers of the people of the United States, he assured them that they were as countless as the blades of grass in the prairies, and that, great as Snake River was, if they were all encamped upon its banks, they would drink it dry in a single day. To these and similar statistics, they listened with profound attention, and apparently, implicit belief.

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