The Englishwoman In America By Isabella Lucy Bird

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disappointments are often disclosed by the uplifted dish-covers, for it
must be confessed that to many people dinner - Page 470
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Grievous Disappointments Are Often Disclosed By The Uplifted Dish-Covers, For It Must Be Confessed That To Many People Dinner Is The Great Event Of The Day, To Be Speculated Upon Before, And Criticised Afterwards.

There is a tureen of soup at the head of each table, and, as soon as the captain takes

His seat, twelve waiters in blue jackets, who have been previously standing in a row, dart upon the covers, and after a few minutes of intense clatter the serious business of eating begins. The stewards serve with civility and alacrity, and seem to divine your wishes, their good offices no doubt being slightly stimulated by the vision of a douceur at the end of the voyage. Long bills of fare are laid on the tables, and good water, plentifully iced, is served with each meal. Wine, spirits, liqueurs, and ale are consumed in large quantities, as also soups, fish, game, venison, meat, and poultry of all kinds, with French side-dishes, a profusion of jellies, puddings, and pastry, and a plentiful dessert of fresh and preserved fruits. Many people complain of a want of appetite at sea, and the number of bottles of "Perrin's Sauce" used in the Cunard steamers must almost make the fortune of the maker. At seven o'clock the tea-bell rings, but the tables are comparatively deserted, for from half- past nine to half-past ten people can order whatever they please in the way of supper.

In the America, as it was a winter-passage, few persons chose to walk on deck after dinner, consequently the saloon from eight till eleven presented the appearance of a room at a fashionable hotel.

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