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enumeration, 21,767,673) is taken, and divided by 233; and the - Page 420
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The Aggregate Representative Population (By The Last Decennial Enumeration, 21,767,673) Is Taken, And Divided By 233; And The Quotient, Rejecting Fractions, Is The Ratio Of Apportionment Among The Several States.

The representative population of each State is then ascertained, and is divided by the above named ratio, and the quotient gives the number of representatives to each State.

The State of New York, being the most populous, possesses 33 representatives; two of the States, namely, Delaware and Florida, require no more than one each. On a rough calculation, each member represents about 90,000 persons. The two houses together are named Congress, and the members of both receive 32s. per diem for their attendance, without deduction in case of sickness, in addition to travelling expenses. All measures of legislation and taxation must receive the approval of the President and the Congress, the majority in Congress representing the popular will. Every State has its assembly and governor, and to a certain extent has power to make its own laws. The members of these assemblies, the governors of the States, and the mayors and municipal officers of the cities, are all elected by universal suffrage.

No system of direct taxation is adopted in the States, except for local purposes. The national revenue is derived from customs duties, on many articles so high as to amount to protective duties; from the sale of wild lands; and from one or two other sources. The annual revenue of the country is about 12,000,000l., and the expenditure is under the income. The state officials are rather poorly paid.

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