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 -  The Mississippi, he says, holds its
own from its very origin; for it is not necessary to suppose, as has - Page 80
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"The Mississippi," He Says, "Holds Its Own From Its Very Origin; For It Is Not Necessary To Suppose, As Has Been Done, That Lake Itasca May Be Supplied With Invisible Sources, To Justify The Character Of A Remarkable Stream, Which It Assumes At Its Issue From This Lake.

There are five creeks that fall into it, formed by innumerable streamlets oozing from the clay-beds at the

Bases of the hills, that consist of an accumulation of sand, gravel, and clay, intermixed with erratic fragments; being a more prominent portion of the great erratic deposit previously described, and which here is known by the name of 'Hauteurs des Terres' heights of land.

"These elevations are commonly flat at top, varying in height from 85 to 100 feet above the level of the surrounding waters. They are covered with thick forests, in which coniferous plants predominate. South of Itasca Lake, they form a semicircular region with a boggy bottom, extending to the south-west a distance of several miles; thence these Hauteurs des Terres ascend to the north-west and north; and then, stretching to the north-east and east, through the zone between 47 degrees and 48 degrees of latitude, make the dividing ridge between the waters that empty into Hudson's Bay and those which discharge themselves into the Gulf of Mexico. The principal group of these Hauteurs des Terres is subdivided into several ramifications, varying in extent, elevation, and course, so as to determine the hydrographical basins of all the innumerable lakes and rivers that so peculiarly characterize this region of country.

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