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And If Any One Should Complain That This Is A Dull Letter, Let Me Retain His Good-Will By The Assurance That The Things I Expect To Describe In My Next Will Be Of More Novelty And Interest.

And here I am reminded of a good little anecdote which I am afraid I shall not have a

Better chance to tell. An eminent minister of the Gospel was preaching in a new place one Sunday, and about half through his sermon when two or three dissatisfied hearers got up to leave, "My friends," said he, "I have one small favor to ask. As an attempt has been made to prejudice my reputation in this vicinity, I beg you to be candid enough, if any one asks how you liked my sermon, to say you didn't stop to hear me through."

Stepping into the cars on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad a few evenings ago for I am not going to say anything of my trip further east I saw as great an exhibition of selfishness as one often meets in travelling. This was in the rear car, the others being all crowded. The seats were spacious, and had high backs for night travelling. A gentleman entered the car and proposed to sit in a seat in which was only one child, but he was informed by a feminine voice in the rear that the whole seat was taken so he advanced to the next seat, which was occupied by another child, a boy about eight years old again the same voice, confirmed by one of the other sex, informed him in very decided terms that that also was wholly occupied.

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