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appeared to lie in the possession of two powers which rarely - Page 40
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To Me, The True Secret Of His Peculiar Strength Appeared To Lie In The Possession Of Two Powers Which Rarely Co-Exist In The Same Mind Extraordinary Subtlety Of Perception And As Remarkable Simplicity Of Execution.

In the first of these faculties in the intuitive power of common sense, which is the finest essence of

Experience, whereby it attains 'to something of prophetic strain' he excelled all his contemporaries except Lord Abinger, with whom it was more liable to be swayed by prejudice or modified by taste, as it was adorned with happier graces. The perfection of this faculty was remarkably exemplified in the fleeting visits he often paid to the trials of causes which he had left to the conduct of his juniors; a few words, sometimes a glance, sufficed to convey to his mind the exact position of complicated affairs, and enabled him to decide what should be done or avoided; and where the interference of any other moral advocate would have been dangerous, he often rendered good service, and, which was more extraordinary, never did harm. So his unrivalled aptitude for legal reasoning, enabled him to deal with authorities as he dealt with facts; if unprepared for an argument, he could find its links in the chaos of an index, and make an imposing show of learning out of a page of Harrison; and with the aid of the interruptions of the bench, which he could as dexterously provoke as parry, could find the right clue and conduct a luminous train of reasoning to a triumphant close.

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