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" No," Said He, In A Very Good-Natured Way, "We Don't Know Anything About Coming Back; It's All Go Ahead In This Country."



Character of the Minnesota bar Effect of connecting land business with practice Courts Recent legislation of Congress as to the territorial judiciary The code of practice Practice in land cases Chances for lawyers in the West Charles O'Connor Requisite qualifications of a lawyer The power and usefulness of a great lawyer Talfourd's character of Sir William Follett Blending law with politics Services of lawyers in deliberative assemblies

ST. PAUL, October, 1856.

I HAVE not yet been inside of a court of justice, nor seen a case tried, since I have been in the territory. But it has been my pleasure to meet one of the judges of the supreme court and several prominent members of the bar. My impression is, that in point of skill and professional ability the Minnesota bar is a little above the average of territorial bars. Here, as in the West generally, the practice is common for lawyers to mix with their profession considerable miscellaneous business, such as the buying and selling of land. The law is too jealous a mistress to permit any divided love, and therefore it cannot be expected that really good lawyers will be found in the ranks of general business agents and speculators. In other words, a broker's office is not a lawyer's office. There are some lawyers here who have attended strictly to the profession, who are ornaments of it, and who have met with good success.

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