Travels Of Richard And John Lander Travels in West Africa (Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons) by Mary H. Kingsley

 -   I am quoting his words from memory, possibly
imperfectly; but there is very little reliable printed matter to go
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Travels Of Richard And John Lander Travels in West Africa (Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons) by Mary H. Kingsley - Page 6 of 705 - First - Home

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I Am Quoting His Words From Memory, Possibly Imperfectly; But There Is Very Little Reliable Printed Matter To Go On When Dealing With Sir George Taubman Goldie, Which Is Regrettable Because He Himself Is An Experienced And Reliable Authority.

I am however quite convinced that these aforesaid distinct regions are regions that the practical politician dealing with Africa

Must recognise, and keep constantly in mind when attempting to solve the many difficulties that that great continent presents, and sincerely hope every reader of this work will remember that I am speaking of that last zone, the zone wherein white races cannot colonise in a true sense of the word, but which is nevertheless a vitally important region to a great manufacturing country like England, for therein are vast undeveloped markets wherein she can sell her manufactured goods and purchase raw material for her manufactures at a reasonable rate.

Having a rooted, natural, feminine hatred for politics I have no inclination to become diffuse on them, as I have on the errors of other people's cooking or ideas on decoration. I know I am held to be too partial to France in West Africa; too fond of pointing out her brilliant achievements there, too fond of saying the native is as happy, and possibly happier, under her rule than under ours; and also that I am given to a great admiration for Germans; but this is just like any common-sense Englishwoman. Of course I am devoted to my own John; but still Monsieur is brave, bright, and fascinating; Mein Herr is possessed of courage and commercial ability in the highest degree, and, besides, he takes such a lot of trouble to know the real truth about things, and tells them to you so calmly and carefully - and our own John - well, of course, he is everything that's good and great, but he makes a shocking fool of himself at times, particularly in West Africa.

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