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From three letters addressed by the Sultan to Mr. Hay, I extract the
following passages. Be it known to you - Page 30
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From Three Letters Addressed By The Sultan To Mr. Hay, I Extract The Following Passages.

"Be it known to you, that the traffic in slaves is a matter on which all sects and nations have agreed from the time of the sons of Adam, (on whom be the peace of God up to this day).

And we are not yet aware of its being prohibited by the laws of any sect, and no one need ask this question, the same being manifest to both high and low, and requires no more demonstration than the light of the day."

The Apostle of God is quoted as enforcing upon the master to give his slave the same clothing as himself, and not to exact more labour from him than he can perform.

Another letter. "It has been prohibited to sell a Muslem, the sacred _misshaf_, and a young person to an unbeliever," that is to any one who does not profess the faith of Islam, whether Christian, Jew, or Majousy. To make a present, or to give as in alms is held in the same light as a sale. The said Sheikh Khalil also says, "a slave is emancipated by the law if ill-treated, that is, whether he intends or does actually ill-treat him. But whether a slave can take with him what he possesses of property or no, is a matter yet undecided by the doctors of the law."

Another. "Be it known to you, that the religion of Islam - may God exalt it!

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