Travels In Morocco - Volume 2 of 2 - By James Richardson

 -  From observations made on the spot by
Mr. Bruguiere in the former state of Algiers, the great chain which
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From Observations Made On The Spot By Mr. Bruguiere In The Former State Of Algiers, The Great Chain Which Several Geographers Traced Beyond The Little Atlas Under The Name Of Great Atlas Does Not Exist.

The inhabitants of Mediah who were questioned on the subject by this traveller, told him positively, that the way from that town to the Sahara was through a ground more or less elevated, and slopes more or less steep, and without having any chain of mountains to cross.

The Pass of Teniah which leads from Algiers to Mediah is, therefore, included in the principal chain of that part of the Regency.

[16] Xenophon, in his Anabasis, speaks of ostriches in Mesopotamia being run down by fleet horses.

[17] Mount Atlas was called Dyris by the ancient aborigines, or Derem, its name amongst the modern aborigines. This word has been compared to the Hebrew, signifying the place or aspect of the sun at noon-day, as if Mount Atlas was the back of the world, or the cultivated parts of the globe, and over which the sun was seen at full noon, in all his fierce and glorious splendour. Bochart connects the term with the Hebrew meaning 'great' or 'mighty,' which epithet would be naturally applied to the Atlas, and all mountains, by either a savage or civilized people. We have, also, on the northern coast, Russadirum, the name given by the Moors to Cape Bon, which is evidently a compound of _Ras_, head, and _dirum_, mountain, or the head of the mountain.

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