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Poor Mrs. Levy (an English Jewess, married to a Maroquine Jew), and her
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Poor Mrs. Levy (An English Jewess, Married To A Maroquine Jew), And Her Family Were Left Behind, And Accompanied The Rest Of The Miserable Jews And Natives, To Be Maltreated, Stripped Naked, And, Perhaps, Murdered, Like Many Poor Jews.

Mr. Amrem Elmelek, the greatest native merchant and a Jew, died from fright.

Carlos Bolelli, a Roman, perished during the sack of the city.

Mogador was left a heap of ruins, scarcely one house standing entire, and all tenantless. In the fine elegiac bulletin of the bombarding Prince, "Alas! for thee, Mogador! thy walls are riddled with bullets, and thy mosques of prayer blackened with fire!" (or something like these words.)



Tangier trades almost exclusively with Gibraltar, between which place and this, an active intercourse is constantly kept up.

The principal articles of importation into Tangier are, cotton goods of all kinds, cloth, silk-stuffs, velvets, copper, iron, steel, and hardware of every description; cochineal, indigo, and other dyes; tea, coffee, sulphur, paper, planks, looking-glasses, tin, thread, glass-beads, alum, playing-cards, incense, sarsaparilla, and rum.

The exports consist in hides, wax, wool, leeches, dates, almonds, oranges, and other fruit, bark, flax, durra, chick-peas, bird-seed, oxen and sheep, henna, and other dyes, woollen sashes, haicks, Moorish slippers, poultry, eggs, flour, &c.

The value of British and foreign goods imported into Tangier in 1856 was: British goods, L101,773 6_s_., foreign goods, L33,793.

The goods exported from Tangier during the same year was:

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