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 -  God, adds the pious Mussulman, has given us the palm;
amongst the Christians, it will not grow! But the poetry - Page 120
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"God," Adds The Pious Mussulman, "Has Given Us The Palm; Amongst The Christians, It Will Not Grow!" But The Poetry Of The Palm Is An Inseparable Appendage In The North African Landscape, And Even Town Scenery.

The Moor and the Arab, whose minds are naturally imbued with the great images of nature, so glowingly represented

Also in the sacred leaves of the Koran, cannot imagine a mosque or the dome-roof of a hermitage, without the dark leaf of the palm overshadowing it; but the serenest, loveliest object on the face of the landscape is _the lonely palm_, either thrown by chance on the brow of some savage hill or planted by design to adorn some sacred spot of mother-earth.

I must still give some other information which I have omitted respecting this extraordinary tree. And, after this, I further refer the reader to a Tour in the Jereed of which some details are given in succeeding pages. A palm-grove is really a beautiful object, and requires scarcely less attention than a vineyard. The trees are generally planted in a _quincunx_, or at times without any regular order; but at distances from each other of four or five yards. The situation selected is mostly on the banks of some stream or rivulet, running from the neighbouring hills, and the more abundant the supply of water, the healthier the plants and the finer the fruit. For this tree, which loves a warm climate, and a sandy soil, is yet wonderfully improved by frequent irrigation, and, singularly, the _quality_ of the water appears of little consequence, being salt or sweet, or impregnated with nitre, as in the Jereed.

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