Travels In Morocco - Volume 1 of 2 - By James Richardson

 -  If the Christian Churches
wish to vindicate the honour of their religion - to diffuse its
beneficent and heavenly doctrines - and - Page 8
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If The Christian Churches Wish To Vindicate The Honour Of Their Religion - To Diffuse Its Beneficent And Heavenly Doctrines - And

To remove from themselves the severe censure of having abandoned Central Africa to the false prophet, I believe there is

Now an opening, _via_ Bornou, to attempt the establishment of their faith in the heart of Africa."

He ends his paper by quoting the words of Ignatius Pallme, a Bohemian, the writer of travels in Kordofan, who says "It is high time for the Missionary Societies in Europe to direct their attention to this part of Africa (that is, Kordofan). If they delay much longer, it will be too late; for, when the negroes have once adopted the Koran, no power on earth can induce them to change their opinions. I have heard, through several authentic sources, that there are few provinces in the interior of Africa where Mohammedanism has not already begun to gain a footing."

It would be a great solace to me should this work be received favourably, and be deemed to reflect honour on the memory of my lamented husband; and, in the hope that such may be the case, I venture to commit it into the hands of an indulgent public.


London, November 15, 1859.





Policy of the Court of Morocco. - Its strength. - Diploplomatic Intercourse with England. - Distrust of Europeans. - Commercial Relations.


Arrival at Tangier. - Moorish Pilgrims in Cordova. - Address of the Anti-Slavery Society.

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