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It now only remains for me to give expression to that universal feeling
of regret which prevails among my countrymen - Page 5
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It Now Only Remains For Me To Give Expression To That Universal Feeling Of Regret Which Prevails Among My Countrymen

At the untimely fate of poor Richardson, and to offer my congratulations that he has bequeathed to us so pleasing

An addition to his former works as the following narrative of his "Travels in Morocco."

L. TRENT CAVE, F.R.G.S. Author of "The French in Africa."

Army and Navy Club, November, 1859.


The present unsettled state of affairs in Morocco, in consequence of the War in which she is now engaged with her more powerful and ancient enemy - Spain, must, I conceive, render any information regarding a region so little known peculiarly acceptable at the present moment.

In Morocco, my late husband laboured to advance the same objects which had previously taken him to Central Africa, viz., the amelioration of the condition of the strange and remarkable races of men who inhabit that part of the world. He aimed at the introduction of a legitimate commerce with a view, in the first instance, to destroy the horrible and revolting trade in slaves, and thus pave the way for the diffusion of Christianity among a benighted people. While travelling, with these high purposes in contemplation, he neglected no opportunity of studying the geography of the country, and of obtaining an insight into the manners, customs, prejudices, and sentiments of its inhabitants, as well as any other useful information in relation to it.

I accompanied him on his travels in Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, in which last city he left me, it not being considered advisable that I should proceed with him into the interior of the country.

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