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It Might Be Worth While, One Would Think, To Try A Small Steam-Tug For The Conveyance Of Cattle From Tangier To Our Garrison, Which, Besides, Would Be A Great Convenience For Passengers.

On coming on deck in the morning, Tangier, "the city protected of the Lord," appeared in all its North

African lineaments, white and bright, shining, square masses of masonry, domes of fair and modest santos, and the heaven-pointing minarets; here and there a graceful palm, a dark olive, or the black bushy kharoub, and all denned sharply and clearly in the goodly prospect. But these Barbary towns had lost much of their freshness or novelty to me, and novelty is the greatest ingredient of our pleasure in foreign travel. I had also just travelled through Spain, and the south of this country is still, as to its aspect, part and parcel of Morocco, though it is severed by the Straits. In the ancient Moorish city of Cordova, I had even saluted the turban. I met two Moors strolling along, with halting steps and triste mien, through the streets, whom I instinctively addressed.

"_Wein mashe. Ash tomel_. Where are you going? What are you doing?"

The Moors (greatly pleased to hear the sound of their own mother-tongue in the land of their pilgrimage). - "_Net jerrej_. We are enjoying ourselves."

Traveller. - "What do you think of the country (Cordova)?"

The Moors. - "This is the land of our fathers."

Traveller. - "Well, what then? Are you going to possess it again?"

The Moors.

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