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veneration of the Moors is so great for this Prince, that they deem
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He Says, "The Veneration Of The Moors Is So Great For This Prince, That They Deem Themselves Happy Whenever One;

Of their daughters is admitted to share his couch." On the other hand, many of the beauties presented by the

Sultan to his ministers, although brought out of his harems, are virgins. The poor ladies in the royal harems are only so much stock, from which their Lord and tyrant picks and chooses.

[39] Friend Phillips is always wrestling with these prejudices of Barbary Jews. When his wife was delivered of a daughter, he was determined to have as much "fuss" made of the child as if it had been a son, to spite the prejudices of his brethren. So, when he went out for a walk with his wife, he would walk always arm-in-arm with her, although she was a Jewess of this country, which caused great annoyance to his woman-oppressing brethren.

[Transcriber's Notes: In this electronic edition, footnotes have been numbered and relocated to the end of the work. In footnote 35, the spellings Nouna and Nunah both occur. In chapter 6, the word "convey" was corrected to "conveying."]

End of Travels in Morocco, Vol. 1., by James Richardson

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