Travels In Morocco - Volume 1 of 2 - By James Richardson

 -  Mogador is in Lat. 31 deg.
32' 40 N., and Long. 9 deg. 35' 30 W.

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Mogador Is In Lat.

31 deg. 32' 40" N., and Long.

9 deg. 35' 30" W.

The environs offer nothing but desolate sands, except some gardens for growing a few vegetables, and a sprinkling of flowers, which, by dint of perseverance, have been planted in the sand of the sea-shore. This is a remarkable instance of human culture turning the most hopelessly sterile portions of the world to account. These sands of Mogador are only a portion of a vast and almost interminable link, which girdles the north-western coast of the African continent, and is only broken in upon at short intervals, from Morocco to Senegal, like a shifting, heaving, and ever-varying rampart against the aggressions of the ocean. Both wind and sea have probably equally contributed to the formation of this vast belt of shifting sands.

The distance from Tangier to Mogador, by ordinary courier, is twelve days, but no traveller could be expected to perform the journey in less than twenty days.

Other courier distances are as follows:

Tangier to Rabat 4 days Rabat to Fez 2 days Fez to Mickas 12 hours Rabat to Morocco 8 days Mogador to Morocco 21/2 days Mogador to Santa Cruz 3 days Mogador to Wadnoun 8 days Santa Cruz to Teradant 11/2 days

A notice of the interesting, though now abandoned part of Aghadir, may not be out place here. Aghadir, (called also Agheer and by the Portuguese, Santa Cruz) means in Berber "walls." It is the Gurt Luessem of Leo Africanus.

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