Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   The neck and fore-legs were very
long; the head was furnished with two short black horns, turning
backwards; the - Page 9
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The Neck And Fore-Legs Were Very Long; The Head Was Furnished With Two Short Black Horns, Turning Backwards; The Tail, Which Reached Down To The Ham Joint, Had A Tuft Of Hair At The End.

The animal was of a mouse colour, and it trotted away from us in a very sluggish manner - moving its head from side to side, to see if we were pursuing it.

Shortly after this, as we were crossing a large open plain, where there were a few scattered bushes, my guide, who was a little way before me, wheeled his horse round in a moment, calling out something in the Foulah language which I did not understand. I inquired in Mandingo what he meant; "Wara billi billi!" ("A very large lion!") said he, and made signs for me to ride away. But my horse was too much fatigued; so we rode slowly past the bush from which the animal had given us the alarm. Not seeing anything myself, however, I thought my guide had been mistaken, when the Foulah suddenly put his hand to his mouth, exclaiming, "Soubah an allahi!" ("God preserve us!") and, to my great surprise, I then perceived a large red lion, at a short distance from the bush, with his head couched between his forepaws. I expected he would instantly spring upon me, and instinctively pulled my feet from my stirrups to throw myself on the ground, that my horse might become the victim rather than myself. But it is probable the lion was not hungry; for he quietly suffered us to pass, though we were fairly within his reach.

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