Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

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this seat I remained until sunset, when I was conducted into a neat
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Upon This Seat I Remained Until Sunset, When I Was Conducted Into A Neat Little Hut, With A Small Court Before It, The Door Of Which Counti Mamadi Shut, To Prevent Any Person From Disturbing Me.

But this precaution could not exclude the Moors.

They climbed over the top of the mud wall, and came in crowds into the court, "in order," they said, "to see me PERFORM MY EVENING DEVOTIONS, AND EAT EGGS." The former of these ceremonies I did not think proper to comply with, but I told them I had no objection to eat eggs, provided they would bring me eggs to eat. My landlord immediately brought me seven hen's eggs, and was much surprised to find that I could not eat them raw; for it seems to be a prevalent opinion among the inhabitants of the interior that Europeans subsist almost entirely on this diet. When I had succeeded in persuading my landlord that this opinion was without foundation, and that I would gladly partake of any victuals which he might think proper to send me, he ordered a sheep to be killed, and part of it to be dressed for my supper. About midnight, when the Moors had left me, he paid me a visit, and with much earnestness desired me to write him a saphie. "If a Moor's saphie is good," said this hospitable old man, "a white man's must needs be better." I readily furnished him with one, possessed of all the virtues I could concentrate, for it contained the Lord's Prayer. The pen with which it was written was made of a reed; a little charcoal and gum-water made very tolerable ink, and a thin board answered the purpose of paper.

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