Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   I was happy to find that all the negro inhabitants
took me for a Moor, under which character I should - Page 5
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I Was Happy To Find That All The Negro Inhabitants Took Me For A Moor, Under Which Character I Should Probably Have Passed Unmolested, Had Not A Moor, Who Was Sitting By The River- Side, Discovered The Mistake, And, Setting Up A Loud Exclamation, Brought Together A Number Of His Countrymen.

When I arrived at the house of Counti Mamadi, the dooty of the town, I was surrounded with hundreds of people speaking a variety of different dialects, all equally unintelligible to me.

At length, by the assistance of my guide, who acted as interpreter, I understood that one of the spectators pretended to have seen me at one place, and another at some other place; and a Moorish woman absolutely swore that she had kept my house three years at Gallam, on the river Senegal. It was plain that they mistook me for some other person, and I desired two of the most confident to point towards the place where they had seen me. They pointed due south; hence I think it probable that they came from Cape Coast, where they might have seen many white men. Their language was different from any I had yet heard. The Moors now assembled in great number, with their usual arrogance, compelling the negroes to stand at a distance. They immediately began to question me concerning my religion, but finding that I was not master of Arabic, they sent for two men, whom they call Ilhuidi (Jews), in hopes that they might be able to converse with me.

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