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On the 15th I reached Dosita, a large town, where I stayed one day
on account of the rain; but - Page 50
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On The 15th I Reached Dosita, A Large Town, Where I Stayed One Day On Account Of The Rain; But I Continued Very Sickly, And Was Slightly Delirious In The Night.

On the 17th I set out for Mansia, a considerable town, where small quantities of gold are collected. The

Road led over a high, rocky hill, and my strength and spirits were so much exhausted that before I could reach the top of the hill I was forced to lie down three times, being very faint and sickly. I reached Mansia in the afternoon. The mansa of this town had the character of being very inhospitable; he, however, sent me a little corn for my supper, but demanded something in return; and when I assured him that I had nothing of value in my possession, he told me (as if in jest) that my white skin should not defend me if I told him lies. He then showed me the hut wherein I was to sleep, but took away my spear, saying that it should be returned to me in the morning. This trifling circumstance, when joined to the character I had heard of the man, made me rather suspicious of him, and I privately desired one of the inhabitants of the place, who had a bow and a quiver, to sleep in the same hunt with me. About midnight I heard somebody approach the door, and, observing the moonlight strike suddenly into the hut, I started up and saw a man stepping cautiously over the threshold.

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