Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   Many of them were trampled to death
as they lay asleep by the Jaloff horses; others were killed in
attempting - Page 140
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Many Of Them Were Trampled To Death As They Lay Asleep By The Jaloff Horses; Others Were Killed In Attempting To Make Their Escape; And A Still Greater Number Were Taken Prisoners.

Among the latter was Abdulkader himself.

This ambitious, or, rather, frantic prince, who but a month before had sent the threatening message to Damel, was now himself led into his presence as a miserable captive. The behaviour of Damel on this occasion is never mentioned by the singing men but in terms of the highest approbation; and it was indeed so extraordinary in an African prince that the reader may find it difficult to give credit to the recital. When his royal prisoner was brought before him in irons, and thrown upon the ground, the magnanimous Damel, instead of setting his foot upon his neck and stabbing him with his spear, according to custom in such cases, addressed him as follows: - "Abdulkader, answer me this question. If the chance of war had placed me in your situation, and you in mine, how would you have treated me?" "I would have thrust my spear into your heart," returned Abdulkader, with great firmness; "and I know that a similar fate awaits me." "Not so," said Damel; "my spear is indeed red with the blood of your subjects, killed in battle, and I could now give it a deeper stain by dipping it in your own; but this would not build up my towns, nor bring to life the thousands who fell in the woods.

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