Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   Every attempt to carry her forward being thus found
ineffectual, the general cry of the coffle was Kang-tegi, kang - Page 130
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Every Attempt To Carry Her Forward Being Thus Found Ineffectual, The General Cry Of The Coffle Was Kang-Tegi, Kang-Tegi ("Cut Her Throat, Cut Her Throat") - An Operation I Did Not Wish To See Performed, And Therefore Marched Onwards With The Foremost Of The Coffle.

I had not walked above a mile, when one of Karfa's domestic slaves came up to me, with poor

Nealea's garment upon the end of his bow, and exclaimed, Nealee affeeleeta ("Nealee is lost")! I asked him whether the slatees had given him the garment as a reward for cutting her throat. He replied that Karfa and the schoolmaster would not consent to that measure, but had left her on the road, where undoubtedly she soon perished, and was probably devoured by wild beasts.

The sad fate of this wretched woman, notwithstanding the outcry before mentioned, made a strong impression on the mind of the whole coffle, and the schoolmaster fasted the whole of the ensuing day in consequence of it. We proceeded in deep silence, and soon afterwards crossed the river Furkoomah, which was about as large as the river Wonda. We now travelled with great expedition, every one being apprehensive he might otherwise meet with the fate of poor Nealee. It was, however, with great difficulty that I could keep up, although I threw away my spear and everything that could in the least obstruct me. About noon we saw a large herd of elephants, but they suffered us to pass unmolested; and in the evening we halted near a thicket of bamboo, but found no water, so that we were forced to proceed four miles farther to a small stream, where we stopped for the night.

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