Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   Time had, indeed, reconciled me in
some degree to their mode of life, and a smoky hut or a scanty - Page 120
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Time Had, Indeed, Reconciled Me In Some Degree To Their Mode Of Life, And A Smoky Hut Or A Scanty

Supper gave me no great uneasiness; but I became at last wearied out with a constant state of alarm and

Anxiety, and felt a painful longing for the manifold blessings of civilised society.

April 19. - The long-wished-for day of our departure was at length arrived; and the slatees, having taken the irons from their slaves, assembled with them at the door of Karfa's house, where the bundles were all tied up, and every one had his load assigned him. The coffle, on its departure from Kamalia, consisted of twenty-seven slaves for sale, the property of Karfa and four other slatees; but we were afterwards joined by five at Maraboo and three at Bala - making in all thirty-five slaves. The freemen were fourteen in number, but most of them had one or two wives and some domestic slaves; and the schoolmaster, who was now upon his return for Woradoo, the place of his nativity, took with him eight of his scholars, so that the number of free people and domestic slaves amounted to thirty-eight, and the whole amount of the coffle was seventy-three. Among the freemen were six jillikeas (singing men), whose musical talents were frequently exerted either to divert our fatigue or obtain us a welcome from strangers. When we departed from Kamalia, we were followed for about half a mile by most of the inhabitants of the town, some of them crying and others shaking hands with their relations who were now about to leave them; and when we had gained a piece of rising ground, from which we had a view of Kamalia, all the people belonging to the coffle were ordered to sit down in one place with their faces towards the west, and the townspeople were desired to sit down in another place with their faces towards Kamalia.

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