Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 2 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   My eyes were so
riveted upon this sovereign of the beasts that I found it impossible
to remove them until - Page 10
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My Eyes Were So Riveted Upon This Sovereign Of The Beasts That I Found It Impossible To Remove Them Until We Were At A Considerable Distance.

We now took a circuitous route through some swampy ground, to avoid any more of these disagreeable encounters.

At sunset we arrived at Modiboo - a delightful village on the banks of the Niger, commanding a view of the river for many miles both to the east and west. The small green islands (the peaceful retreat of some industrious Foulahs, whose cattle are here secure from the depredations of wild beasts) and the majestic breadth of the river, which is here much larger than at Sego, render the situation one of the most enchanting in the world. Here are caught great plenty of fish, by means of long cotton nets, which the natives make themselves, and use nearly in the same manner as nets are used in Europe. I observed the head of a crocodile lying upon one of the houses, which they told me had been killed by the shepherds in a swamp near the town. These animals are not uncommon in the Niger, but I believe they are not oftentimes found dangerous. They are of little account to the traveller when compared with the amazing swarms of mosquitoes, which rise from the swamps and creeks in such numbers as to harass even the most torpid of the natives; and as my clothes were now almost worn to rags, I was but ill prepared to resist their attacks.

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