Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 1 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   He received me with a benevolent countenance,
and tenderly entreated me to desist from my purpose of travelling
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He Received Me With A Benevolent Countenance, And Tenderly Entreated Me To Desist From My Purpose Of Travelling Into The Interior, Telling Me That Major Houghton Had Been Killed In His Route, And That If I Followed His Footsteps I Should Probably Meet With His Fate.

He said that I must not judge of the people of the eastern country by those of Woolli:

That the latter were acquainted with white men, and respected them, whereas the people of the east had never seen a white man, and would certainly destroy me. I thanked the king for his affectionate solicitude, but told him that I had considered the matter, and was determined, notwithstanding all dangers, to proceed. The king shook his head, but desisted from further persuasion, and told me the guide should be ready in the afternoon.

About two o'clock, the guide appearing, I went and took my last farewell of the good old king, and in three hours reached Konjour, a small village, where we determined to rest for the night. Here I purchased a fine sheep for some beads, and my Serawoolli attendants killed it with all the ceremonies prescribed by their religion. Part of it was dressed for supper, after which a dispute arose between one of the Serawoolli negroes, and Johnson, my interpreter, about the sheep's horns. The former claimed the horns as his perquisite, for having acted the part of our butcher, and Johnson contested the claim. I settled the matter by giving a horn to each of them.

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