Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 1 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   The same evening two of the
Moors came privately to look at my horse, and one of them proposed
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The Same Evening Two Of The Moors Came Privately To Look At My Horse, And One Of Them Proposed Taking It To The Dooty's Hut, But The Other Observed That Such A Precaution Was Unnecessary, As I Could Never Escape Upon Such An Animal.

They then inquired where I slept, and returned to their companions,

All this was like a stroke of thunder to me, for I dreaded nothing so much as confinement again among the Moors, from whose barbarity I had nothing but death to expect. I therefore determined to set off immediately for Bambarra, a measure which I thought offered almost the only chance of saving my life and gaining the object of my mission. I communicated the design to Johnson, who, although he applauded my resolution, was so far from showing any inclination to accompany me, that he solemnly protested he would rather forfeit his wages than go any farther. He told me that Daman had agreed to give him half the price of a slave for his service to assist in conducting a coffle of slaves to Gambia, and that he was determined to embrace the opportunity of returning to his wife and family.

Having no hopes, therefore, of persuading him to accompany me, I resolved to proceed by myself. About midnight I got my clothes in readiness, which consisted of two shirts, two pairs of trousers, two pocket-handkerchiefs, an upper and under waistcoat, a mat, and a pair of half-boots; these, with a cloak, constituted my whole wardrobe.

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