Travels In The Interior Of Africa - Volume 1 of 2 - By Mungo Park

 -   This made me consider that my
fate was drawing towards a crisis, and I resolved to wait for the
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This Made Me Consider That My Fate Was Drawing Towards A Crisis, And I Resolved To Wait For The Event Without Any Seeming Uneasiness; But Circumstances Occurred Which Produced A Change In My Favour More Suddenly Than I Had Foreseen, Or Had Reason To Expect.

The case was this:- The fugitive Kaartans, who had taken refuge in Ludamar, as I have related in Chapter

VIII., finding that the Moors were about to leave them, and dreading the resentment of their own sovereign, whom they had so basely deserted, offered to treat with Ali for two hundred Moorish horsemen, to co-operate with them in an effort to expel Daisy from Gedingooma; for until Daisy should be vanquished or humbled they considered that they could neither return to their native towns nor live in security in any of the neighbouring kingdoms. With a view to extort money from these people by means of this treaty, Ali despatched his son to Jarra, and prepared to follow him in the course of a few days. This was an opportunity of too great consequence to me to be neglected. I immediately applied to Fatima, who, I found, had the chief direction in all affairs of state, and begged her interest with Ali to give me permission to accompany him to Jarra. This request, after some hesitation, was favourably received. Fatima looked kindly on me, and, I believe, was at length moved with compassion towards me. My bundles were brought from the large cow-skin bag that stood in the corner of Ali's tent, and I was ordered to explain the use of the different articles, and show the method of putting on the boots, stockings, &c. - with all which I cheerfully complied, and was told that in the course of a few days I should be at liberty to depart.

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