The River War - An Account Of The Reconquest Of The Sudan By Winston S. Churchill


While the Sirdar with the infantry of the army was taking possession
of Omdurman, the British and Egyptian cavalry had - Page 400
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While The Sirdar With The Infantry Of The Army Was Taking Possession Of Omdurman, The British And Egyptian Cavalry Had Moved Round To The West Of The City.

There for nearly two hours we waited, listening to the dropping fusillade which could be heard within the great wall and wondering what was happening.

Large numbers of Dervishes and Arabs, who, laying aside their jibbas, had ceased to be Dervishes, appeared among the houses at the edge of the suburbs. Several hundreds of these, with two or three Emirs, came out to make their submission; and we were presently so loaded with spears and swords that it was impossible to carry them, and many interesting trophies had to be destroyed. It was just getting dark when suddenly Colonel Slatin galloped up. The Khalifa had fled! The Egyptian cavalry were at once to pursue him. The 21st Lancers must await further orders. Slatin appeared very much in earnest. He talked with animated manner to Colonel Broadwood, questioned two of the surrendered Emirs closely, and hurried off into the dusk, while the Egyptian squadrons, mounting, also rode away at a trot.

It was not for some hours after he had left the field of battle that Abdullah realised that his army had not obeyed his summons, but were continuing their retreat, and that only a few hundred Dervishes remained for the defence of the city. He seems, if we judge from the accounts of his personal servant, an Abyssinian boy, to have faced the disasters that had overtaken him with singular composure.

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