How I Found Livingstone Travels, Notes on a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo by William Makepeace Thackeray

 -   To break his outstanding
engagements - to write letters to his amazed family, stating that
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How I Found Livingstone Travels, Notes on a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo by William Makepeace Thackeray - Page 3 of 240 - First - Home

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To Break His Outstanding Engagements - To Write Letters To His Amazed Family, Stating That They Were Not To Expect Him

At dinner on Saturday fortnight, as he would be at Jerusalem on that day - to purchase eighteen shirts and lay

In a sea stock of Russia ducks, - was the work of four-and- twenty hours; and on the 22nd of August, the "Lady Mary Wood" was sailing from Southampton with the "subject of the present memoir," quite astonished to find himself one of the passengers on board.

These important statements are made partly to convince some incredulous friends - who insist still that the writer never went abroad at all, and wrote the following pages, out of pure fancy, in retirement at Putney; but mainly, to give him an opportunity of thanking the Directors of the Company in question for a delightful excursion.

It was one so easy, so charming, and I think profitable - it leaves such a store of pleasant recollections for after days - and creates so many new sources of interest (a newspaper letter from Beyrout, or Malta, or Algiers, has twice the interest now that it had formerly), - that I can't but recommend all persons who have time and means to make a similar journey - vacation idlers to extend their travels and pursue it: above all, young well-educated men entering life, to take this course, we will say, after that at college; and, having their book-learning fresh in their minds, see the living people and their cities, and the actual aspect of Nature, along the famous shores of the Mediterranean.

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