A Voyage to Abyssinia by Father Jerome Lobo

 -   Finding himself once more
countermined, he returned ashamed to his camp, where a month after,
being accused of a confederacy - Page 129
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Finding Himself Once More Countermined, He Returned Ashamed To His Camp, Where A Month After, Being Accused Of A Confederacy In The Revolt Of That Prince Who Kept His Father Prisoner, He Was Arrested, And Carried In Chains To The Emperor.

The time now approaching in which we were to be delivered to the Turks, we had none but God to apply to for relief:

All the measures we could think of were equally dangerous. Resolving, nevertheless, to seek some retreat where we might hide ourselves either all together or separately, we determined at last to put ourselves under the protection of the Prince John Akay, who had defended himself a long time in the province of Bar against the power of Abyssinia.

After I had concluded a treaty with this prince, the patriarch and all the fathers put themselves into his hands, and being received with all imaginable kindness and civility, were conducted with a guard to Adicota, a rock excessively steep, about nine miles from his place of residence. The event was not agreeable to the happy beginning of our negotiation, for we soon began to find that our habitation was not likely to be very pleasant. We were surrounded with Mahometans, or Christians who were inveterate enemies to the Catholic faith, and were obliged to act with the utmost caution. Notwithstanding these inconveniences we were pleased with the present tranquillity we enjoyed, and lived contentedly on lentils and a little corn that we had; and I, after we had sold all our goods, resolved to turn physician, and was soon able to support myself by my practice.

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