A Voyage to Abyssinia by Father Jerome Lobo

 -   The unhappy criminal had no
sooner heard this than, rising up, he declared his resolution to die
in the religion - Page 128
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The Unhappy Criminal Had No Sooner Heard This Than, Rising Up, He Declared His Resolution To Die In The Religion Of His Country, And Being Delivered Up To His Prosecutors Was Immediately Dispatched With Their Lances.

The chief reason of calling me was not that I might hear this confession:

The viceroy had another design of seizing my person, expecting that either the Jesuits or Portuguese would buy my liberty with a large ransom, or that he might exchange me for his father, who was kept prisoner by a revolted prince. That prince would have been no loser by the exchange, for so much was I hated by the Abyssinian monks that they would have thought no expense too great to have gotten me into their hands, that they might have glutted their revenge by putting me to the most painful death they could have invented. Happily I found means to retire out of this dangerous place, and was followed by the viceroy almost to Fremona, who, being disappointed, desired me either to visit him at his camp, or appoint a place where we might confer. I made many excuses, but at length agreed to meet him at a place near Fremona, bringing each of us only three companions. I did not doubt but he would bring more, and so he did, but found that I was upon my guard, and that my company increased in proportion to his. My friends were resolute Portuguese, who were determined to give him no quarter if he made any attempt upon my liberty.

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