A Popular Account Of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition To The Zambesi By David Livingston


We arrived at Katosa's village on the 15th October, and found about
thirty young men and boys in slave-sticks - Page 480
A Popular Account Of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition To The Zambesi By David Livingston - Page 480 of 505 - First - Home

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We Arrived At Katosa's Village On The 15th October, And Found About Thirty Young Men And Boys In Slave-Sticks.

They had been bought by other agents of the Arab slavers, still on the east side of the Shire.

They were resting in the village, and their owners soon removed them. The weight of the goree seemed very annoying when they tried to sleep. This taming instrument is kept on, until the party has crossed several rivers and all hope of escape has vanished from the captive's mind.

On explaining to Katosa the injury he was doing in selling his people as slaves, he assured us that those whom we had seen belonged to the Arabs, and added that he had far too few people already. He said he had been living in peace at the lakelet Pamalombe; that the Ajawa, or Machinga, under Kainka and Karamba, and a body of Babisa, under Maonga, had induced him to ferry them over the Shire; that they had lived for a considerable time at his expense, and at last stole his sheep, which induced him to make his escape to the place where he now dwelt, and in this flight he had lost many of his people. His account of the usual conduct of the Ajawa quite agrees with what these people have narrated themselves, and gives but a low idea of their moral tone. They have repeatedly broken all the laws of hospitality by living for months on the bounty of the Manganja, and then, by a sudden uprising, overcoming their hosts, and killing or chasing them out of their inheritances.

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