A Popular Account Of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition To The Zambesi By David Livingston


To save the tribe from breaking up, by the continual loss of real
Makololo, it ought at once to remove - Page 240
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To Save The Tribe From Breaking Up, By The Continual Loss Of Real Makololo, It Ought At Once To Remove To The Healthy Batoka Highlands, Near The Kafue.

Fully aware of this, Sekeletu remarked that all his people, save two, were convinced that, if they remained in

The lowlands, a few years would suffice to cut off all the real Makololo; they came originally from the healthy South, near the confluence of the Likwa and Namagari, where fever is almost unknown, and its ravages had been as frightful among them here, as amongst Europeans on the Coast. Sebituane's sister described its first appearance among the tribe, after their settling in the Barotse Valley on the Zambesi. Many of them were seized with a shivering sickness, as if from excessive cold; they had never seen the like before. They made great fires, and laid the shivering wretches down before them; but, pile on wood as they might, they could not raise heat enough to drive the cold out of the bodies of the sufferers, and they shivered on till they died. But, though all preferred the highlands, they were afraid to go there, lest the Matebele should come and rob them of their much-loved cattle. Sebituane, with all his veterans, could not withstand that enemy; and how could they be resisted, now that most of the brave warriors were dead? The young men would break, and run away the moment they saw the terrible Matebele, being as much afraid of them as the black conquered tribes are of the Makololo.

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