A Popular Account Of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition To The Zambesi By David Livingston

 -   During these busy reaping-fits
the lizards and birds have a good time of it, and enjoy a rich feast - Page 160
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During These Busy Reaping-Fits The Lizards And Birds Have A Good Time Of It, And Enjoy A Rich Feast

At the expense of thousands of hapless workmen; and when they swarm they are caught in countless numbers by the

Natives, and their roasted bodies are spoken of in an unctuous manner as resembling grains of soft rice fried in delicious fresh oil.

A strong marauding party of large black ants attacked a nest of white ones near the camp: as the contest took place beneath the surface, we could not see the order of the battle; but it soon became apparent that the blacks had gained the day, and sacked the white town, for they returned in triumph, bearing off the eggs, and choice bits of the bodies of the vanquished. A gift, analogous to that of language, has not been withheld from ants: if part of their building is destroyed, an official is seen coming out to examine the damage; and, after a careful survey of the ruins, he chirrups a few clear and distinct notes, and a crowd of workers begin at once to repair the breach. When the work is completed, another order is given, and the workmen retire, as will appear on removing the soft freshly-built portion. We tried to sleep one rainy might in a native hut, but could not because of attacks by the fighting battalions of a very small species of formica, not more than one-sixteenth of an inch in length.

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