An Account Of Egypt By Herodotus

 -  This Ladike Cambyses, having conquered Egypt and heard from
her who she was, sent back unharmed to Kyrene.

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This Ladike Cambyses, Having Conquered Egypt And Heard From Her Who She Was, Sent Back Unharmed To Kyrene.

Amasis also dedicated offerings in Hellas, first at Kyrene an image of Athene covered over with gold and a

Figure of himself made like by painting; then in the temple of Athene at Lindos two images of stone and a corslet of linen worthy to be seen; and also at Samos two wooden figures of himself dedicated to Hera, which were standing even to my own time in the great temple, behind the doors. Now at Samos he dedicated offerings because of the guest-friendship between himself and Polycrates the son of Aiakes; at Lindos for no guest-friendship but because the temple of Athene at Lindos is said to have been founded by the daughters of Danaos, who had touched land there at the time when they were fleeing from the sons of Aigyptos. These offerings were dedicated by Amasis; and he was the first of men who conquered Cyprus and subdued it so that it paid him tribute.

End of An Account of Egypt, by Herodotus

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