Letters From The Cape By Lady Duff Gordon

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have just been holystoning here, singing away lustily in chorus.
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The Men Have Just Been Holystoning Here, Singing Away Lustily In Chorus. Last Night I Got Leave To Sling My Cot Under The Main Hatchway, As My Cabin Must Have Killed Me From Suffocation When Shut Up.

Most of the men stayed on deck, but that is dangerous after sunset on this African coast, on account of the heavy dew and fever.

They tell me that the open sea is quite different; certainly, nothing can look duller and dimmer than this specimen of the tropics. The few days of trade wind were beautiful and cold, with sparkling sea, and fresh air and bright sun; and we galloped along merrily.

We are now close to the Cape de Verd Islands, and shall go inside them. About lat. 4 degrees N. we expect to catch the S.E. trade wind, when it will be cold again. In lat. 24 degrees, the day before we entered the tropics, I sat on deck in a coat and cloak; the heat is quite sudden, and only lasts a week or so. The sea to- day is littered all round the ship with our floating rubbish, so we have not moved at all.

I constantly long for you to be here, though I am not sure you would like the life as well as I do. All your ideas of it are wrong; the confinement to the poop and the stringent regulations would bore you. But then, sitting on deck in fine weather is pleasure enough, without anything else.

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