Letters From The Cape By Lady Duff Gordon

 -   The boys drew, like
Chinese, from 'copies', and wrote like copper-plate; they sang some
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The Boys Drew, Like Chinese, From 'copies', And Wrote Like Copper-Plate; They Sang Some Of Mendelssohn's Choruses From 'St. Paul' Splendidly, The Caffres Rolling Out Soft Rich Bass Voices, Like Melodious Thunder.

They are clever at handicrafts, and fond of geography and natural history, incapable of mathematics, quick at languages, utterly incurious about other nations, and would all rather work in the fields than learn anything but music; good boys, honest, but 'trotzig'.

So much for Caffres, Fingoes, &c. The Bastaards are as clever as whites, and more docile - so the 'rector' told me. The boy who played the organ sang the 'Lorelei' like an angel, and played us a number of waltzes and other things on the piano, but he was too shy to talk; while the Caffres crowded round me, and chattered away merrily. The Mantatees, whom I cannot distinguish from Caffres, are scattered all over the colony, and rival the English as workmen and labourers - fine stalwart, industrious fellows. Our little 'boy' Kleenboy hires a room for fifteen shillings a month, and takes in his compatriots as lodgers at half a crown a week - the usurious little rogue! His chief, one James, is a bricklayer here, and looks and behaves like a prince. It is fine to see his black arms, ornamented with silver bracelets, hurling huge stones about.

All Gnadenthal is wonderfully fruitful, being well watered, but it is not healthy for whites; I imagine, too hot and damp. There are three or four thousand coloured people there, under the control of the missionaries, who allow no canteens at all.

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