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day, to the general grief of the ship; also one of the tortoises - Page 141
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My Poor Goat Died Suddenly The Other Day, To The General Grief Of The Ship; Also One Of The Tortoises. The Poor Consumptive Lad Is Wonderfully Better.

But all the passengers were very sick during the rough weather, except S- and I, who are quite old salts.

Last week we saw a young whale, a baby, about thirty feet long, and had a good view of him as he played round the ship. We shall probably be at St. Helena on Wednesday, but I cannot write from thence, as, if there is time, I shall get a run on shore while the ship takes in water. But this letter will tell you of my well-being so far, and in about six weeks after the date of it I hope to be with you. I hope you won't expect too much in the way of improvement in my health. I look forward, oh, so eagerly, to be with you again, and with my brats, big and little. God bless you all.

Yours ever,

L. D. G.

Wednesday, 28th. - Early morning, off St. Helena, James Town.

Such a lovely UNREAL view of the bold rocks and baby-house forts on them! Ship close in. Washer-woman come on board, and all hurry.

Au revoir.

*** END OF LETTERS FROM THE CAPE by Lady Duff Gordon ***

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