Letters From The Cape By Lady Duff Gordon

 -   Meanwhile, I fear
I shall have to fly from next winter again, and certainly will go
with J- to Egypt - Page 127
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Meanwhile, I Fear I Shall Have To Fly From Next Winter Again, And Certainly Will Go With J- To Egypt, Which Seems To Me Like Next Door.

I have run on, and not thanked you for your letter and M. Mignet's beautiful eloge of Mr. Hallam, which pleased me greatly.

I wish Englishmen could learn to speak with the same good taste and mesure.

Mr. Wodehouse, who has been very civil to me, kindly tried to get me a passage home in a French frigate lying here, but in vain. I am now sorry I let the Jack tars here persuade me not to go in the little barque; but they talked so much of the heat and damp of such tiny cabins in an iron vessel, that I gave her up, though I liked the idea of a good tossing in such a tiny cockboat. I will leave a letter for the May mail, unless I sail within a week of to-morrow, or go by the Jason, which would be home far sooner than the mail. I only hope you and A- won't be uneasy; the worst that can happen is delay, and the long voyage will be all gain to health, which would not be the case in a steamer.

All I hear of R- makes me wild to see her again. The little darkies are the only pleasing children here, and a fat black toddling thing is 'allerliebst'. I know a boy of four, literally jet black, whom I long to steal as he follows his mother up to the mountain to wash.

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